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100% sea salt - salt pearls from Namibia, Africa

This unique salt is created when the south-west wind blows the small fleur-de-sel crystals that have formed on the water's surface , gently drifting to the other side of the crystallization pan. In this process the tasty and visually appealing salt pearls form like small snowballs. When these have naturally accumulated in sufficient quantity, they are carefully harvested and packed fresh for transport without further treatment. This also preserves the valuable minerals and trace elements.

PS: We like to suck the pearls, the salt is rather mild. You can't boil potatoes with it: the pearls don't dissolve quickly enough.

99.5% NaCl, 0.14% Mg, 0.38% So4, 0.15% Ca, 0, 07% K.Moisture: ~ 1.5% Grain size: 2-4 mm  (Analysis: Test report 12019383 - 002 GBA Hamburg 2012)

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