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smoky ham-like taste
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Danish Smoked Salt

The salt comes from the Dead Sea, the  Wood type beech and production from Denmark.

The smoking of sea salt goes back to the ancient traditions of the Vikings. The smoked salt is cold-smoked over beech wood for 160 hours. The salt must be turned every hour. This complex manufacturing process gives the Danish smoked salt its special taste and golden yellow colour.

Due to its smoky, ham-like taste, Danish smoked salt is particularly appreciated by vegetarians. The very smoky, mild aroma goes very well with meat, grilled meat, marinades, fried potatoes, sauces, EGG dishes, vegetables and BBQ dishes/sauces.

Ingredients: sea salt, beech smoke For suitable for the salt mill!

  • without glutamate or gluten
  • without flavor enhancers
  • not refined, without added iodine, without anti-caking agents without artificial Additives