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It impresses with bluish shimmering salt crystals and a very intense, salty taste, is decorative and taste-intensive.
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The 'Persia Blue' is a very rare salt and comes from the province of Semnan in northern Iran. It impresses with bluish shimmering salt crystals and a very intense, salty taste.
The Persia salt or blue salt gets its color from a rare optical effect. This is due to a crystal lattice shift in the salt. Millions of years ago, the mineral sylvin, or better known as potassium chloride, bonded to the salt under high pressure. Usually, the potassium chloride turns the salt pink or yellow. The changed crystal lattice structure breaks the light in a special way and the viewer gets the impression of a blue salt.

A slight tingling on the tongue is just as normal as the strong one at the beginning Salty taste that turns into a softer, milder one. You can generally use this unique salt for salting and seasoning. It is particularly delicious with seafood, meat or even truffle dishes and foie gras, the French foie gras.
The bluish salt crystals are particularly good in transparent salt mills and as a decoration on plates.

Ingredients: 100% Persian rock salt (Iran)

Suitable for the salt mill!

  • without glutamate or gluten
  • without flavor enhancers
  • not refined, without added iodine, without anti-caking agent without artificial. Additive
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