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The salt from Guérande Le Guérandais, from the rough Atlantic coast of Brittany.
Due to its careful production and the special climatic and ecological conditions, a very special salt.
Not only the color, gray - because of its connection with the clay soil rich in trace elements, but also the mild taste is popular with connoisseurs and cooks.

It is not completely dried, another one knows relatively high residual moisture and is therefore not suitable for salt mills.

Its special salt structure gives the sea salt a special bite and makes it crunchier than normal table salt. It gets its extraordinary taste from its calcium and magnesium content. It is also often used for the salt rim of cocktail glasses. Due to its special structure, this salt is not used for cooking, but only as table salt.

Ingredients: 100% sea salt / Guerande
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  • without glutamate or gluten
  • without flavor enhancers
  • unrefined, without added iodine,
  • without anti-caking agent
  • Without artificial additives
contents: 100 g
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